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Photoeclectia. Strange and unusual name, but what does it mean?

Eclectic is defined as "composed of elements drawn from various sources." As an amateur photographer with limited time to devote to her chosen art form, Maureen Costantino's portfolio has grown out of her travels and everyday experiences and catching opportunity whenever and wherever possible. Every trip out of the home, as well as the home itself, is the stage for the next interesting photograph. Every subject is potentially an interesting and aesthetically pleasing image. If there is a theme in Ms. Costantino's work, it is the shapes, colors, and patterns that are so abundant in nature, as well as in the more populated environments. You will find a variety of landscapes, flowers, and animals in her work. You will visit Canada in travelscapes, and experience the scenery and moods of coastal North Carolina in waterscapes. You will zoom in on macro life in the plant world. You will see interesting patterns, shapes, and abstractions in nature. Some photographs have been digitally altered to create unique works of art (see digitalscapes).

Photoeclectia is a celebration of our eclectic world—a feast for the eyes, a balm for the soul. Hence Photoeclectia, Photographs for the Soul.

Ms. Costantino has been interested in photography as an art form since her days as a studio art student at the State University of New York. A writer by profession and mother of two, Ms. Costantino took a "leave of absence" from exhibiting her work for a number of years to devote time to her career and family, but re-emerged several years ago with a new portfolio and a strong interest in digital photography in addition to the more traditional printed format.

Manipulation of images in the darkroom has always held a special fascination for Ms. Costantino, and she has readily adopted the digital darkroom as a continuation of the photographic process after the creation of the negative or slide. All of the photographs you see at the Photoeclectia site are scanned electronically and digitally enhanced in Adobe Photoshop to maximize effect.

A member of the League of Reston Artists in Northern Virginia, Ms. Costantino participates in several shows during the year, including local exhibits and photo competitions, such as the annual Labor Day art show at Glen Echo Park in Maryland, and the U.S. Geological Survey annual photo show. The photos exhibited at this site include past winners from these events. Ms. Costantino has done especially well in the USGS competitions over the past couple of years, and her prize-winning works have traveled with the other chosen works for nationwide viewing. In addition, one of her photos, Buddha Head was one of nine photographs chosen for display as part of an exhibit on the Power of Plants, jointly sponsored by the U.S. Botanical Garden in Washington, DC and the Chicago Botanical Garden.

The Photoeclectia online art gallery presents Ms. Costantino's current selection of electronic photographs, any of which can be printed and matted for framing.

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